The Sun’s Journey: The Astrological Significance Of Summer

Summer arrives fully clothed. Lush and magnificent, she is the manifestation of all we envisioned during springtime. The growth cycle is complete. We now embrace the magnificence of life’s fruition. We are imbued with nature’s splendor. Senses are heightened. Life becomes slower. A profound time to relish in receptivity and gratitude, we commune with the earth and each other perhaps more completely than any other time of the year.

Each season contains within an astrological trio or trinity. This astrological procession fulfills yet another dimension of consciousness. Within the system of numerology, 3 denotes synthesis. Thus each season presents multitudinous opportunities for recognizing, integrating and expressing energetic prinicples which may not be available to us during other times of the year.

Cancer, Leo and Virgo are the summer signs. Inherent within each lies significant archetypal themes and patterns, awareness and expression of which assists us profoundly as we journey toward realization of self and life. These gifts of consciousness manifest sequentially, beginning with emotional attunement, creative self-expression, and practical service to each other.

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 21, 2019 at 11:55 AM EDT. This precise moment in time marks the Summer Solstice, the pinnacle of the Sun’s northern journey, the longest day of the year. Solstice means standing-still-sun. We are graced with a prominent light force that assists us in clarity of consciousness. From this point we begin the slow journey towards increasing darkness, where the interior of our lives is once again the primary focus as the days become shorter. The summer solstice is known from ancient times as Midsummer’s Eve. This sacred pagan holiday was celebrated in recognition of the nature deities and spirits, felt to be ever more present as the visible and invisible realms temporarily merge as one. This prolific interval allows greater access to the magical mysteries of the universe.

Cancer the Crab is a feminine water sign containing qualities of sensitivity, nurturance, protectiveness and tenacity. Also know as Moonchild, Cancer represents the divine feminine, The Great Mother, the primordial and instinctual depths of feeling, emotion and matriarchal consciousness. Considered the most emotionally sensitive of all the signs, Cancer possesses tenderness as well as tenacity. The crab in nature exhibits a tough shell surrounding a tender and vulnerable interior. The protection of self is inherent to the Cancerian nature, a sense often demonstrated by their tremendous need for home, family and security. As they are so receptive and attuned to the underpinnings of human needs within any environment, it is essential that they have a safe and comforting home in which to retreat from the world.

Cancerian people possess a nature of great fluidity and fluctuation. As they are ruled by the moon, they are greatly affected by this heavenly body’s many changes throughout each day; thus, they are often deemed as possessing a moodiness of temperament. Attunement to the cycles and phases of the moon assists them greatly. While they commune with all of life as a nurturer, it is imperative that they receive nurturing as well.

Children born under the sign of Cancer are among the most sensitive of souls, exhibiting a heightened and sophisticated attunement to those around them. They display an instinctual caring and compassionate nature. Possessing a tremendous need for belonging, home and family are of vital importance. As they are wounded quite easily, gentle communication is advised. Moonchildren have difficulty in separating from loved ones. They can sometimes cling to their parents as abandonment is felt easily by them. A healthy and loving home environment, one which constitutes strong emotional bonding among family members will assist them greatly as they begin to venture into the world on their own. Activities that promote nurturance, are what make these little people most happy. Assisting them with positive nurturing skills through gardening, pet care or assisting with younger siblings greatly enhances their self-esteem.

When the Sun is in Cancer we are imbued with the gift of receptivity. This is a time when feminine consciousness is elevated, a time of contraction, where we pull our energies inward and reflect upon the needs of self and other. We are graced with a consciousness that greatly assists us in accessing our deep emotional nature. Communing with loved ones, nurturing ourselves and our environment, and opening to a divine presence are all worthy intentions as the sun embraces this most potent lunar period.

Leo the Lion arrives on July 22, 2019 at 10:55 AM EDT. As a masculine fire sign, Leo is the quintessential emblem of self-expression. Radiant, warm, exuberant, creative and playful, these dynamic characteristics are accompanied by a desire to be important, recognized and applauded. As natural born leaders, they possess an inherent magnetism and charm. The sun figures prominently for Leonine persons as it is their ruling planet. Leos want nothing more than to shine!

While Leo is dynamic and expressive, there can be a tendency toward willfulness, childishness and tyrannical behavior. The ego is simultaneously strong and delicate. A Leo who feels unappreciated or unrecognized tends toward unpleasant behaviors. Paramount to their well being is creativity, generosity and self-expression for it’s own sake without the expectation of applause and admiration for their deeds and accomplishments. Leos are the perpetual children of the universe. Keeping the company of small children assists Leos with well being, as this offers them an exceptional outlet for expressing these childlike qualities.

The Leo child is gregarious, dynamic and charming. They exude warmth of personality and exuberant magnetism. Little Leos possess natural dramatic flair as well as a taste for the finer things in life. Positive affirmation of their sense of self is important to them. The withholding of praise can be quite destructive for a Leo child. Encourage activities that allow for leadership, recognition and self-expression. Theater, dance, art and creative writing are exceptional activities in which they can participate. With this, gentle-hearted guidance is needed as they reckon their relationship to power, allowing others to share center stage with them. Mostly, your Leo child can teach you how to play!

As the sun journeys through Leo, the creative instinct is infused with energy and inspiration. It is an optimum time to embrace our individuality on a most personal level. Often we do not allow for our true light to shine. Leo reminds us that our pure essence is welcome in the world. When we allow ourselves to shine, others shine as well.

Virgo the Virgin enters our solar consciousness on August 23, 2019 at 6:10 AM EDT. As a feminine earth sign, Virgo embodies the qualities of service, analysis, studiousness, health and purity. A rather shy and reticent energy, Virgos are uncomfortable in the limelight. Possessing a keen eye for detail, they are known for their discriminating abilities when gathering, analyzing and dispersing information. These exceptional intellectual abilities lend themselves to detail, structure and organization.

Virgos are here to serve and participate with others in assisting with the practical application of knowledge. They are often found in the helping and health professions. There is an honorable integrity when expressing their work in the world. As perfectionists, they are prone to excessive criticism of self and others. Great care must be taken to reconcile these tendencies. They love work, for the sake of work, and thrive upon a stable routine oriented life style where their daily habits can be integrated and expressed. These gentle beings quietly and lovingly assist others.

Children born under the sign of Virgo love tasks. There is nothing frivolous about these children as they are possessed of a serious and earthy nature. Their need for order and perfection is apparent quite early. As their nature is quite particular, they often have specifications regardingfood, dress, and hygiene. They are naturally attuned to their physical constitution, displaying somatic symptoms when under stress. As natural worriers, they require an orderliness and stability in their daily lives. As students, they are gifted and curious, possessing an impeccable memory and a passion for learning. Endowed with natural politeness, these children are quite adaptable within any environment. They need gentle guidance and assistance for accepting the imperfections in themselves and others. Even gentle and constructive criticism may resound harshly for them. Let your little Virgo know that they are worthy of praise even if something is not perfect in their eyes.

As the sun embraces Virgo, we are imbued with a sense of the sacredness in ordinary daily life. Virgo reminds us that it is often the small tasks and gestures that change the world. It is a time in which to embrace the art of service, a time in which we can be ever more present to the needs of others, even if it is only in bestowing a smile, holding a door, or helping someone to cross the street.

Summer is the grand waltz. Receptivity, creativity and service are her intricate steps. Let us celebrate this pinnacle of the life cycle!