What Donna’s clients have to say……

Donna Greco is extremely gifted in many areas, but I know her primarily as an Astrologer. In a reading with her, you can almost watch her mind work. She uses skills gathered in years of experience to weave information gleaned from charts with what she knows intuitively to reveal a coherent message that resonates. Her gentle, soothing countenance embodies Sensitivity and puts everyone at ease, and best of all, she is tremendous at making connections, and her readings make sense.

Melanie Evankovich-Dietz Owner, Gypsy Cafe


“With more than 20 years on my spiritual journey of self realization, I have had the good fortune to experience readings from some of the finest psychics, astrologers and physical phenomena mediums. Donna is an excellent astrological reader. She is obviously well studied, disciplined and intuitive. Her readings are informative and precise. The information presented will assist you to better navigate and work with the astrological influences in your life. I highly recommend Donna Greco!”

Patty P. Perhacs ~ Pittsburgh, PA


“I have had many astrological readings over the years, but Donna Greco’s was by far the most insightful and illuminating! She combines her many years of experience with compassion, humor, and keen intuition that helped me open a window into a much bigger perspective on my life and my place in the world. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to know themselves and their world. better!”

David Mortell ~ Pittsburgh, PA


“Meeting with Donna to have an astrological reading exceeded my expectations. She combines her astrological expertise with outstanding intuition. She has several different ways of explaining the technical aspects of the chart to make it more accessible to the lay person. I definitely recommend her readings! Be prepared for more information than you can imagine! It took me about a week. to fully digest it!”

Heidi ~ Pittsburgh, PA


“Donna is GREAT…always a joy to meet with! Her knowledge of astrology is impeccable. Her intuition and connection are surreal! She is a LOVELY person and has wonderful energy about her!”

Jen ~ Arlington Heights, IL


“Astrologer Donna Greco is skilled and knowledgeable. I was very impressed by the flow of accurate information!”

Joanne ~ Philadelphia, PA


“I have had many readings with Donna Greco. She provides incredibly revealing insights. She knows exactly what I am going through and gives me methods and strategies to help me deal with the matters at hand in the most energetically positive manner. She is sensitive, compassionate and kind. I so appreciate her presence in my life.”

Martha ~ Long Island, NY


“Donna is such a GREAT lady. So blessed to have found her! I call simply to speak of recent changes and breakthroughs as she has been so supportive and a great teacher. I love my sessions! She is where I go when I am in need of honest confirmation and superior clarity on moving forward and working on personal challenges. I love her!”

Laura ~ Woodinville, WA


“Donna Greco is REALLY outstanding!! I appreciate her professionalism and ability to go into incredible detail! It helps to know blockages so a person can work beyond them. She has a deeply spiritual approach, and always assists with the practical aspects of life. She is worth every minute of time spent and money spent!”

Barry ~ London, England


“Donna’s astrological profiles are extremely detailed and contain a great deal of pertinent and useful information about planetary influences in many different applications. Her sessions contain both scientifically analyzed information and intutitve readings on what each planetary position means in the life of each individual client. The tapes that she provides with each reading are like a permanent record of good insights, and I have found myself going back to them to use as a resource for understanding issues for personal growth and learning.”

Joe Turiano, Pittsburgh PA


I was initially skeptical about having my chart read by Donna. I am a Capricorn to the core with the ‘prove it to me’ attitude. We explored relationships and my career during the session. Donna provides a tape of the session, which I played many times as events that we had discussed began to unfold. I look forward to see what the future brings based on our session. I found Donna to be both insightful and comforting. I left the session feeling optimistic about my future knowing that while the universe has a plan for me I also have free will to influence the outcome.

Kathy Eller – Pittsburgh, PA


“My experience with Donna (4 years now) is that she really gets to know you when reading your chart. Her understanding of astrology is deep and broad. She presents a completely accurate and holistic picture of you. From her analysis of your natal chart, she reads and reveals aspects of your own psyche that you never even were consciously aware of before. She walks you through the dynamic relationship between the cosmos and the psyche assessing your strengths and weaknesses in a way that is truly empowering. I try to get a reading every year because it helps me to stay and on top of the currents and undercurrents of my life. I have found my own personal astrologer and teacher in Donna.”

Janice Maddox, Owner of A Novel Bookstore,
Yelm, WA.


I have known Donna both personally and professionally for over 25 years. I deeply respect Donna as a person and value the gifts she brings to her astrological practice. Incorporating a synergistic blend of science and spirituality, she offers integrity, compassion, humor and insight in service to her clients’ self-exploration and growth. She creates a safe and healing space. I highly recommend Donna to anyone wishing to deepen their insight and create change within themselves and the world.

Jodi P. – Pittsburgh, PA


“When I consult with Donna, she brings a great intuitive sense to her astrological reading of my chart, helping me understand what the psychic contingencies and challenges are for starting a new project, relating to others, and being true to myself. The insights I gain from my dialogue with Donna are never simplisitic, but nuanced, multi-faceted, and pragmatically relevant. I like touch base with her around every birthday to help me prepare for what lies ahead in the coming year or when I have a complicated, delicate, and difficult situation with which to deal.”

Nancy G. – Seattle, WA


Donna is an amazing astrologer. She not only reads the charts with such incredibe accuracy, she incorporates her intuition which enables her to interpret the charts with depth that is unsurpassed. The readings have always left me with a complete sense of where I have been and where I am headed and why. I don’t know what I would have done without Donna’s guidance these past several years.

Janet McKee – Pittsburgh, PA


My consultation with Donna was one of the best I’ve experienced in terms of depth, scope and insight. She possesses extensive knowledge about planetary alignments, transits and relationship dynamics that are key to self-understanding and healing. Her compassionate and practical interpretation of these are a definite plus that make her readings easily digestible and transformative. Without reservation, I recommend her to anyone seeking greater knowledge through the study of astrology.

Carole J. Obley, Professional Spiritual Medium