About Donna
 Awakening to callings which inspired her to explore the metaphysical world, Donna has devotedly pursued the study of Astrology and Tarot for 23 years, attending international conferences with many acclaimed practitioners as well as engaged in private study with diverse and recognized individuals. She has participated in numerous intensive workshops involving The Pathwork Of Self Transformation. She is a practitioner of Mindfulness Meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Living deeply in communion with these sacred languages, she is personally experienced with the powerful transformational opportunities they provide. Donna blends artistic insight with spiritual knowledge as a facilitator for personal transformation.

Honoring her Geminian nature, Donna has answered diverse vocational callings. She is well known and respected as an accomplished pianist-teacher-composer. Her musical career spans 35 years, beginning while attending high school when she performed with The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Donna has studied with many renowned musicians. She is accomplished in the classical, jazz and contemporary instrumental genres. Her Intuitive Music practice is designed to create personalized musical settings for the facilitation of healing and meditation. She also receives commissions for specialized musical recordings produced and designed for personal and sacred intentions. She is currently working in the hospice environment as a Music for Healing and Transition Practitioner, assisting those in the final stages of earthly life.

She is available for private consultations, lecture-presentations, workshops and mentoring.

Donna Greco is a native of Pittsburgh. She counsels, teaches and composes in her Squirrel Hill studio.