Service and Readings

An astrological service consists of the construction of a chart and the delineation of the chart, accompanied by a consultation, wherein the astrologer uses both knowledge and psychic attunement to assist the client.While there are numerous techniques available, it is always best to begin any astrological endeavor with one’s own natal chart. Additional written reports to enhance the understanding of the reading are available upon request at an additional charge.

Telephone and Skype sessions are provided for long-distance clientele.

Counseling session fees range from $200-$275 depending upon length and depth of the reading. A thorough and intensive chart preparation is included in this cost. A full color chart and a digital CD recording of the session are included with every reading.


Type of Reading Offered

  • The Natal Reading – When we are born, we embrace a planetary and energetic pattern that is uniquely our own. The natal chart is a map of planetary bodies and their positions in relationship to us. This chart is calculated for the exact time of birth. In essence, the natal chart is a map of our soul. Within the natal chart lies our character, psychological make-up, emotional gifts and challenges, karma, dharma, soul wound, healing abilities, and much more. Recognition of these multifaceted aspects of self assist us in becoming conscious of our Divine Identity. When we cooperate consciously with our inherent energetic patterns, we flow with life.


  • The Transit Reading – As all of life is cyclical, change is inevitable. The positions of the planets in the sky today are called the transiting planets. Transiting planets as they relate to our natal chart mark significant passages in our lives. Transit readings enhance the understanding and direction of inexorable changes which occur throughout life. When we understand what is being asked of us, we can flow with these energies, creating less stress and imbalance during what are often challenging times.


  • The Progressed Reading – This technique involves the progression of the natal chart. This is a method of astrological forecasting which involves deep psychological stages of development, also indicating the timing of significant events in one’s life.


  • The Triple Wheel Reading – This is an in depth reading where the natal, progressed and transit charts are synthesized in present time to illustrate and illuminate the life circumstances, challenges and current evolutionary cycles. A resonance with the multiple dimensions within which we reside is cultivated. This process facilitates conscious decision making for the inevitable changes which are occurring as well as concrete tools for participating fully in this most opportunistic process.


  • The Solar Return Reading – The Solar Return chart occurs once a year about the time of one’s birthday and is cast upon the moment the sun returns to the position it occupied at your birth. This chart is used to explore the potentialities for the new Solar Year (from birthday to birthday).


  • The Composite Midpoint Reading – When two people are involved with each other, there are three entities—the two people and their relationship. This reading involves combining the planetary positions of two people, creating a single chart which describes the relationship. This is a form of relationship counseling in which both parties are present. This can be any kind of relationship, whether love, friendship, business or familial. It is highly recommended that each have an individual reading before a combined reading.


  • The Karmic Reading – The Karmic reading is a specialized natal reading which gives the client an esoteric point of view and a look into the soul’s intentions and lessons for this lifetime. This is based on reverberations from past lifetimes as indicated in the natal chart. This is intended to facilitate the individual in clarifying their lessons and goals while illuminating their struggles. We often carry negative behaviors and emotions from past life experiences into the present incarnation. This reading truly inspires the process of letting go of the very deep and distant past in order to fulfill the soul’s intention.


  • The Lunar Reading – The moon in our chart represents the Divine Feminine and our relationship to Her. The moon is the symbol of our personal life, which is molded and shaped by our environment, by events, and by social and familial expectations. She also represents the relationship to our mother, our emotions, instincts and habits. The attunement to and understanding of our natal moon is vital to a healthy emotional life where we can express, honor and nurture our needs as well as those with whom we are in relationship.


  • The Divine Child Reading – The parent-child relationship is a decision that an individual soul makes before birth. Just imagine, your child chose you, and you chose your child. These decisions were made on a soul level where there may be no conscious recollection. The parent-child relationship is complex and intricate, providing us with challenging and necessary lessons for spiritual growth. Attuning to your child’s unique energetic pattern and cosmic legacy can assist him or her as they journey through the labyrinth of life. Readings for parents and loved ones of infants, children and adolescents lend tremendous assistance in helping a child fulfill their greatest potential.


  • The Tarot Reading – Within the Tarot lies the story of life, the unfoldment of consciousness, and the universal archetypes and principles of humankind. Within this visual language, our story is told. A Tarot reading is a form of divination whereby various spreads and techniques are utilized to assist the process of inner work. These powerful images invoke our ancient inner wisdom, as we connect to our legacy allowing the symbolism to guide us. The Tarot can assist one with any kind of inner work, whether it be in dreams, meditation or contemplation. A Tarot reading can be combined with the natal chart as the themes reflected are quite congruent.