Sagittarius Full Moon: The Inner Quest

The Full Moon  arrives at 18 degrees of Sagittarius on Friday, June 9 at 9:09 AM EDT.

A pinnacle time is upon us. We are imbued with full spectrum light as the Moon in her radiance emanates the visionary centaur consciousness of Sagittarius. Revelation awaits us. It is time to en-lighten our worldly load with visionary understanding as we tend to our personal truth.

Our natal Moon informs us of our basic emotional and instinctual nature. As the most tender and vulnerable part of us, the Moon reveals the ways in which we need to be nurtured as well as how we nurture others. Thus, by attuning to our individual Moon, we are presented with wealth of self-knowledge, compassion and understanding. In essence, the Moon is the realm of our soul’s healing.

During the prolific Full Moon cycle, the Moon’s sign speaks to an enhanced awareness of the next step for our emotional evolution. The manner in which we are being cosmically informed may seem foreign to us, yet it is a necessary layer serving as a specialized lens to bring us into focus for the next leg of our journey.

In essence, we get to try on a new lunar costume and explore the realms that are represented by that unique sign. It is an opportunity to address a specific area of our consciousness.

The Moon puts us through our paces. And yet, it is the arduous task of addressing the unconscious where rewards are reaped as we discover true healing. When we tend to healing ourselves, we assist those in our lives as well as the collective at large.

The Full Moon is always in exact opposition by sign and degree to the Sun. Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini gaze upon each other with admiration as they unveil the revelation. They are luminary partners in consciousness; strutting the dance of duality in the midst of a vibrant conversation, enticing us to explore our thought forms. The most intellectual and literary duo of the constellation is beckoning us to rewrite our scripts.

This Sagittarius Full Moon cycle intensifies the need at this time to embrace our inner truth. What do we believe about ourselves? How do these beliefs inform our lives? Do these beliefs enhance our lives? Does our attachment to perceived identity inhibit our lives? Are we standing in our truth? Is what we hold true about ourselves really true?

Sagittarius is offering us a bigger picture beyond the petty concerns of the mundane world casting an orb of our true reflection before us. We must first see before we can understand. Self-understanding is the ability to stand under oneself.

As the Sun and Moon reflect each other, so do we. Full Moon cycles are optimal times to perceive the other, walk in someone else’s moccasins, gather new perspective. The answer awaits us. The seed of questing was planted during the Gemini New Moon two weeks ago. There is fruition, understanding and revelation.

Sagittarius has an inexorable desire for knowledge, persistently seeking to understand the laws of the universe amidst the struggle to be human. The reconciliation of earthly existence and spiritual evolution is deeply Sagittarian. After all, who would know better of this human-spirit duality than one who is half horse and half human?

Sagittarius The Centaur is a mutable fire sign. Sagittarius embodies the archetypes of Gypsy, Student and Philosopher. They are the great seekers; high-minded, idealistic and visionary. Sagittarius longs for journey and exploration, both without and within. They will wander to the ends of the earth, to the brink of their psyche, in pursuit of greater meaning. There is tremendous restlessness accompanied by an inherent need for personal freedom. As a fire sign, there is enthusiasm, optimism, and buoyancy.

Sagittarius thinks on a grand scale. Therein lies the wound of the Sagittarius spirit. For the idealist, life can often bear pain and discontent; there is no place on earth that can measure up to the visionary’s desire for utmost quality of life, where everyone is expressing from their most evolved state of being. Herein lies the breeding ground for intolerance, one of the most prominent characteristics of the Sagittarius shadow. As Sagittarius embodies the domain of belief systems, religion and political ideologies, other aspects of the shadow express arrogance, fanaticism, opinionatedness and superiority.

The Full Moon always illuminates the shadow side of each sign. Where light is offered, there is also darkness. They inform each other, ultimately presenting opportunity for the transformation of consciousness. Within and beneath the darkness lies our true essence.

Despite the arduous challenges of this time, sparks of optimism are flying through the cosmos. Allow them to sparkle you. Anything can happen. Your world can change in the blink of an eye. Embrace synchronicity. Watch and listen for the signs and symbols that visit upon you. There is affirmation everywhere.

We are being called to shoot our arrows into the sky not knowing where they will land. Now knowing is the path.

Wherever Sagittarius resides in your natal chart, is a most distinct area of profound truth. Within this very region, there is a deep longing for freedom.

I once heard an interview with one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, Artur Rubinstein. He was and still is my most beloved concert pianist of all time. His playing was purely transcendental. Rubinstein spoke of his soul’s freedom. He expressed that he felt such freedom in his soul, that even if he were locked in a cell without a piano, he would always know his soul was a bird whose flight would never cease. While I was only in my teens at the time, he made an indelible impression upon my heart. It was the first time as a young performing artist that I realized the outer expression of our lives is completely reflective of what lies within. Rubinstein is always with me. I can still see his expression as he spoke those words; a face fully revealing that he was indeed free. He has served as the quintessential instructor of inner freedom; true freedom.

Perhaps, this is the epiphany that awaits us as we walk with The Centaur during this Full Moon.

Dispel a belief. Design a personal quest. Entertain possibilities. Compose your own prayer. Set yourself free.

Launch a flaming winged arrow into the sky and follow it to it’s bull’s eye landing as it soars smack to the center of your heart’s desire.

Ask the inexorable question. It is from this point that we embark. The question is the quest.

As Tolkien said: “Those who wander are not lost.” Let us ponder that those who wonder are not confused.

Sagittarius Full Moon Blessings Upon You.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32 ~

“Follow your bliss.” ~ Joseph Campbell ~

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. ” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ~