NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS: The Fool’s Journey

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul… ~ Hermes Trismegistus ~

The New Moon  arrives at 15 degrees of Aquarius on Monday, February 4 at 4:03 PM EST. 

New Moons are a time in which faith is called for. It is a time of internal fortitude whereby we remain close to ourselves within ourselves. The darkness of the New Moon does not illuminate an understanding of what is yet to come. It is instead, a time of contemplation in which seeds of new life are patiently germinating. The new lunar cycle has begun, though we have yet to see what may unfold. This is where we call upon faith. Know that there is emergence from the dark as the waxing light incrementally enhances our consciousness while the new landscape gradually unfolds before us.

New Moons enhance the ability to remain close to oneself, sifting through the subjective consciousness that is profoundly available to awareness. Such subjectivity is necessary in order to awaken the true self. When in one’s own truth, the journey becomes navigable; for the universe is consistently conspiring to assist us in both earthly and spiritual matters. Even though we cannot see at this time, we must take the leap of faith in which to break through to the next phase. New Moons are secret presents from the universe. When they are found out, the Moon’s rescinded light acts as rite of passage. We have this opportunity each and every month. So much can change and shift and fluctuate, just like the Moon. Each and every night she has changed just a little bit. Whether she is waxing or waning, she is never the same. She is our time keeper. She assures us that the only permanence in life is change.

Aquarius The Water-Bearer is a masculine fixed air sign ruled by Uranus. Archetypes which accompany this sign are The Genius, The Scientist, The Fool, The Truth Sayer, and The Exile. The characteristics of this sign are brilliance, inventiveness, rebellion, intellect, individuality, humanitarianism, detachment, non-conformity, uniqueness, and an ardent need to speak truth.

Aquarius The Water-Bearer is often misconstrued as a water sign, when it is in fact an air sign. Air has a tremendous need for freedom, communication, intellectual stimulation, and the pursuit of truth. An Aquarian mind is quite active, often incurring states of anxiety as multitudes of thoughts inhabit the mind simultaneously. There can be a great sense of overwhelmed-ness for the Aquarius’ wheels are always turning. Where are they to begin?

And so this New Moon in  Aquarius asks of us: “where do we begin anew?” “Where have we sacrificed our evolved individuality for the sake of an unwillingness to let go of who we have been in the past?” “How do we betray ourselves for the sake of likeability and loveability?” “Are we afraid to take the leap?” “Do we acquiesce in abandoning ourselves when perceived as foolish for following one’s calling?”

Foolishness entails a great deal of courage, wisdom, and resourcefulness. As in the Tarot image of The Fool, a powerful archetype,  we are invoked with trust and a free spirit. We journey to a point of destination who knows not where. The process of journeying will manifest our arrival. And within that arrival, we keep in mind that this place too is only temporary for what necessitates this stage of our soul’s evolution. The Fool knows this, always ready to pick up his bags as he follows profound callings to the next stage of life.

During the next three days of this New Moon cycle, your core being is longing for you to hear the call of your own voice. Heed the call; you will meet yourself.

Wink at the stars. Follow your third eye. Bless yourself. Now, jump!

Wonder awaits you.

Aquarius New Moon Blessings Upon You.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” ~ Rita Mae Brown ~

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”
~ Robert Frost ~