LIBRA NEW MOON: The Balancing of Opposites

The New Moon in Libra arrives at 26 degrees of Libra on Thursday, October 19 at 3:11 PM EDT. 

Another round of the Moon has passed. The Moon is our time keeper; forever in flux. Within the sacredness of a New Moon, there is distinction. We are endowed with an opportunity to begin anew within a specific realm of our lives. During this lunar phase; Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned. The Moon is hidden. The sky is dark. This is an auspicious time in which to engage the darkness. The realm of the black sky holds the promise of spiritual unfoldment.

Libra is by nature, above and beyond, highly relational. As human beings, we are wired for connection. We long to belong. And yet, as we strive to connect and commune with others, our own brand of uniqueness often serves as self-discouragement. As we endeavor to establish kinship, we may encounter the Libran dilemma of losing oneself for the sake of acceptance. Fear of rejection looms large within the human condition. How do we  reside within this paradox of self and other? How do we sit with the possibility of acceptance or rejection? Are they truly opposites? It is only within the reconciliation of relational paradox that we may encounter our true milieu. To embrace oneself as much as we embrace the other is the cosmic balancing act. As the quintessential sign of relationship, Libra holds the key to reflection, gently instructing us that we are after all, mirrors unto each other.

Libra The Scales is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. The archetypes of Libra are The Artist, The Lover, and The Peacemaker. Libra’s qualities include equilibrium, aesthetic sensibility, inner harmony, peacefulness, fairness, partnering, inner balance, and social etiquette. Libra embodies the ability to embody consciously both the shadow and the light.

As each zodiac sign has an evolved manifestation coupled with a distinct shadow expression, Libra does so no less. The shadow emerges within the realm of relationships most of all. Libra fears conflict, thus often resorting to people pleasing of the highest order. This in turn can be an act of self-betrayal. Libra disdains and fears conflict. Thus, an opportunity to engage in healthy discourse can seem daunting.

Wherever Libra resides in your natal chart, is a distinct area of relational sanctity. It is an area where we inherently need to express in a poised and balanced manner. It is a realm in which we fear conflict and separation. Within this place, the New Moon will speak, initiating a rebirth in which even more balance and harmony can be attained. And perhaps, even the courage to be oneself.

The companions of lunar cycles always infuse the pure energy of the sign with an added dimension. These accompanying planetary energies can sometimes present as challenging.  No matter the planetary mix, we are always in the end, changed; even transformed. The rowdy, rebellious, disruptive, and truth-saying planet, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is closely accompanying this New Moon by manner of opposition. Uranus shakes things up, jolting us from ancient modes of behavior and identity. Uranus challenges the status quo. In the midst of harmony, balance, and peace; we are also being thrown for a mega roller-coaster loop. The peacefulness of Libra is undoubtedly being rocked to the core as Uranus propels us toward fast and furious change, catapulting us into a new paradigm of our own inherent beingness. While uncomfortable in the making, this New Moon calls us to nothing short of our own authenticity within the realm of our relationships.

During the next three days, we are beckoned to break out and break through. It is time to march to the drum of a new beat. The cosmos is priming us for the change in meter. We are being hastened to step to that drum.

Gaze into the mirror. Who is gazing back? Perhaps we do not recognize ourselves. All the while, the inner artist is painting a new and intimate self- portrait. Soon, a fresh reflection will appear. Even if you do not recognize who is there; know that this is you. When you know who you are, you will know the other.

Libra New Moon Blessings Upon You.

“Paradox is one of our most powerful spiritual possessions.” ~ Carl Jung ~

“It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is. ” ~ Hermann Hesse ~

” The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”  ~ Carl Jung ~


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