The New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives at 9 degrees of Virgo on Thursday, September 1 at 5:03 AM EDT. 

During a New Moon, the feminine and the masculine energies merge as balanced consciousness. During these most auspicious times when seeds of intention stir anew, the moon is hidden from view.

Solar Eclipses are auspicious junctures in which we are catapulted from our comfort zone into a change cycle, one which only serves our highest good no matter what the appearance. During such times, we are presented with a sacred portal in which we are granted access. Upon stepping through, we set foot upon the next stage of our soul’s journey.

Wherever Virgo resides within our chart,  we will encounter exhilaration and trepidation forming a partnership of  divine cooperation as we journey ever more fully toward our soul’s perfection.

At this time, Virgo the Virgin is permeating the collective consciousness with the desire to hone our inherent gifts in the spirit of service to each other. The universal ticker tape is flashing news relating to themes of service, work, health, improvement and perfection. We are reminded of the sacredness in mundane matters.

Virgo is a feminine mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Prominent archetypal themes for the sign of Virgo include The Servant, The Martyr, The Analyst,  The Perfectionist and The Hermit. While this sign is characterized by purity, the true definition of the word “virgin” is “complete unto oneself.” We are thus graced with enhanced awareness of our quiet strength, for Virgo contains a high measure of personal independence. Virgo reminds us that in order to assist others, we must first assist ourselves; in order to guide others, we must navigate within.

Do you long to contribute in service? What do you deeply care about? Which area of your life is being honed and perfected? How can you best serve your body? Where do you reside in quiet joy? How can you accomplish a small task with great love?

As I commune with the omnipresent Virgo consciousness, my heart is expanded by thoughts of the Virgos in my life. They tread lightly upon the earth. Their heightened perception is ever attuned to what is needed in a given moment. They are guardian angels in human form. Quiet, unassuming, humble, hard on themselves and always seeking ways in which to be of practical assistance to others, they do not possess a clue to the magnitude of their essence.

Wherever Virgo is in your chart, it is where you are keenly calibrated to make a difference. It is this very area of your chart where you will see profound change occurring at this time. Embrace it with kindness to self, the kindness of Virgo.

Remain vigilant. Practice unconditional love. Grant a favor. Praise your body. Honor your work. Take care of details. Banish worry. Embrace the process.

Virgo New Moon Blessings Upon You.

One can give nothing whatever without giving oneself—that is to say, risking oneself. If one cannot risk oneself, then one is simply incapable of giving.
-James Baldwin-