The Sun’s Journey: An Astrological Perspective On Winter

I have always loved the silence of winter. Even amidst the many celebratory holidays, life is imbued with welcome introspection. The elements impose inwardness upon us, creating a sense of safety and insulation from the turbulence of the outer world. This permits peacefulness and presence of mind.

The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 22, 1999 at 2:44 AM, Eastern Standard Time. This very moment is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, the time of greatest darkness. Solstice literally means Sun-Stand-Still. The Sun stands still in anticipation of the lights return. Solstice celebrations are universal. This is a pivotal and potent time period for all, marking distinct endings and beginnings. It is a time to embrace the interior of our life. It is a time to stand still.

The cyclic nature of life provides us with profound guidance and instruction. Nature’s cycles, the seasons, are guided, nurtured and nourished by the Sun. Conscious awareness of our solar expression assists us in making healthy and positive choices for our world and ourselves. When we are not in touch with the essential needs of our personal sun sign, we experience life as unfulfilling, disappointing and void of meaning or purpose.

Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are the winter signs. They encompass archetypal patterns and themes, moods and premonitions, activities and modes of thought which are unique to this season. Many of you were born during this time, or have children who are of these signs. This article will illustrate some of the characteristics of individuals inhabiting these signs, as well as the collective themes we embrace during these times of the year.

Capricorn The Sea-Goat is an earth sign, possessing ambition, perseverance and instinctual practicality. The Sea-Goat, a mountain goat with the tail of a fish, is a symbol of power and accomplishment, capable of climbing mountainous heights and swimming across vast oceans. They are invincible symbols of power and accomplishment. The Capricorn person is one who must achieve, with utmost integrity and sense of responsibility. Capricorn embodies willfulness, tenacity, patience and resolution, striving in consistent fashion for that which is deemed worthy and obtainable.

There are many ‘shoulds’ in the vocabulary of those born under the sign of the goat, for the standards of being to which they aspire are outstanding in number as well as in expectation. Capricorn represents society, our place within it, and its expectations of us. Therefore the Capricorn cares deeply about appearance, propriety and status. Thus, Capricorns can be hard on themselves, never feeling the level of accomplishment which they deem vital to their well being and respectability. Life seems to be a constant uphill battle. But they are invincible until their goal is reached, containing within the ability to be disciplined and serious.

Sometimes too serious, Capricorn displays a distinct discomfort with the expression of emotion. For all of their extroversion where achievement is concerned, they are quite shy and inhibited on an emotional level. Prone to melancholy, introversion and solitude are necessary for these people, for they are profound and insightful. Capricorn is traditional where family relationships are concerned. They are respectful of elders, possessing a sophisticated adult manner often presenting itself in childhood. It is said among astrologers that Capricorn is born old.

As children, Capricorns need an earthy and routine stability. Honor their instinctual practicality by providing them with tangible daily rituals they can rely upon. Activities that provide them with a sense of accomplishment can only enhance their sense of self-worth. As these children are inherently hard on themselves, exercise consistent praise and affirmation of their expressions. Allow for responsible roles within the home.

During the sun’s visitation in the sign of Capricorn we have the opportunity for deep and profound introspection. This self-reflection lends itself to reevaluating that which is important to us, consciously striving toward an authentic self-realization. As there are many holidays to mark during this period, we devote ourselves to family and tradition. Thus commitment and responsibility are paramount. The New Year brings with it the making of resolutions in which we hope to improve upon ourselves and our lives for the coming year. We seek to accomplish in the New Year that which we have so far failed to attain. Many people find themselves struggling with depression and sadness at this time. A sense of failure may be pervasive, but this only serves to illuminate where we are being untrue to ourselves. For Capricorn, above all else, must be responsible to self, embracing a true and authentic self-authority. Thus, we can inhabit solitude of time and space, embracing our true nature before we venture out and enact our goals.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, follows on January 20, 2000. Aquarius is an air sign, possessing an ethereal quality coupled with heightened mental faculties and a highly developed intuitive function. The humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius is possessed of far reaching ideals placing them ahead of their time.

Another very solitary sign, they experience aloneness for different reasons. Aquarius is truly revolutionary, exhibiting a proclivity towards rebellion. Strongly individualistic, they have great difficulty in following rules. They are eccentric, otherworldly and often times so progressive in outlook and perception that they feel outside of their families, social circles and employment situations. They are happiest when creating their own life in their own way. We often find them successfully self-employed in unique and far-reaching occupations.

Astrologers often say that Aquarians are the visionaries of the zodiac. They have intact the knowledge, inspiration and foresight to assist humanity with all of its challenges. They often feel misunderstood, particularly in childhood, when discipline, rules and regulations abound. Aquarian children must be given space to express their strong and unique individuality. Consider their vision and honor their reality. Find and encourage creative outlets where their authenticity and genius can shine!

During the sun’s travels through the sign of Aquarius, we as a collective are imbued with our own visionary qualities. We have a unique opportunity to hone our intuitive faculties. This time is ideal for creatively visualizing the most positive outcomes for our lives and humanity. We embody the ability to envision thus create a future for the greatest good of all. We enact goodness by honoring our unique talents, gifts and qualities. When we honor and express our authenticity we serve humanity. As we are upon The Age Of Aquarius, self-responsibility is paramount to healing the earth, each other and ourselves.

Pisces The Fishes enters our consciousness on February 19, 2000. The last of the winter signs, Pisces, a water sign, quenches our thirst for spiritual communion. Pisces is the last sign of the natural zodiac. Perhaps the most otherworldly member of the zodiac, Pisces is imbued with an attunement to the invisible realms. As mystics, dreamers, healers, and poets, Piscean people possess a highly evolved sensitivity and psychic perception. Sometimes this is to their detriment, as they are prone to taking on the burdens of the world. They truly understand the sorrows of the human condition, often found assisting those in need, whether they are plant, animal or human in form. In the eyes of Pisces, everything is divine. Life therefore, is often quite painful, as earthly reality does not often exhibit these divine sensibilities. Solitude is required for their well being, so that they may commune privately with their reverence for all of life.

The Pisces child is highly imaginative. Dreaming by day and by night is essential to their well being. They are angelic creatures. Because they have such an expansive experience of reality in all of its myriad forms, they need much gentle guidance for they are easily confused. Animal companions bring much happiness and also serve to assist them, for Pisceans are gifted in understanding and communicating with them. Artistic expressions where their visions can be rendered bring much peace and fulfillment. As their sensitivity lends itself to the absorption of their environment, their psychic abilities often cause extreme shifts in mood, for they pick up so precisely on the emotions of others. Provide a calm and soothing environment for the Pisces child allowing for healthy development of their highly sensitive nature.

We are enshrouded in mystery during the sun’s visitation of Pisces. During this auspicious time we have the opportunity to dream. Dreams convey messages. Attunement to them provides us with guidance and illumination, clearly and vibrantly illustrating lessons and initiations we experience during particular stages of life. Sun in Pisces can assist us tremendously as we traverse life from a spiritual perspective, honoring that which is less than tangible. We can facilitate this process through prayer and meditation. As we grow to know ourselves from this divine perspective, we find compassion and forgiveness for our fellows as well.

Winter, season of introspection, leads to rebirth. As we prepare for the vibrancy of spring, celebrating new life, let us carry with us those inner musings and awakenings, which serve to remind us that we are spiritual beings on the road of life.