Spring emerges as a season of renewal. New life emanates from winter’s dormancy. A cycle of creativity in which we plant seeds both literally and metaphorically, spring facilitates an envisioning of future fruition. It is a time in which the energy levels of mind, body and spirit increase. Light and warmth prevail. We embrace hope as we witness the sacred re-emergence of the active life cycle.

As human beings, we have an inherent understanding of the cyclical nature of life; thus, an awareness of the entry of each season assists us in making changes in our lives as we embark upon another chapter of being. Spring marks the astrological New Year, a major turning point in the life cycle on both an individual and collective level.

Aries, Taurus and Gemini are the spring signs. They embody the energetic principles of this cycle, containing ancient wisdom serving as instruction for our lives. As multi-dimensional beings we now have the opportunity to embrace aspects of self which may not always be available to us on a conscious level. Let us explore our springtime energies and potentialities as we visit each of these astrological signs.

The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20, 2018. This moment in time marks the Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox. Equinox means “equal night.” On this day, the Sun rises exactly in the east, travels through the sky for twelve hours and sets exactly in the west. Equality of light and darkness preside over the day.

Aries the Ram is a fire sign possessing qualities of boldness, dynamism and confidence. Aries is the life force. Just as the tender shoots must push their way up through the hard ground to create life anew, Aries pushes their way through life exhibiting courage, adventure and spirit. Aries possesses highly developed survival instincts permitting them to pursue their goals without interference from anyone. They are primarily concerned with the needs of the self. The Aries person must learn to cultivate a healthy sense of selfishness in order to thrive, meeting his or her own needs while also showing consideration for others.

Aries people long for leadership. As pioneers, innovators and discoverers, they set their own course in life. Since they are always discovering, they often have difficulty in completing that which they begin. After all, Aries is beginnings, from the beginning of life to anything in which we as individuals endeavor to begin. We each have an area of the natal horoscope that is embodied by Aries. Therefore, we each have a distinct way of initiating, an area of highly developed instinctual awareness in which our very survival depends upon. As Aries occupies the primal stages of the spring cycle, it is here where our most spontaneous and essential aspects of self are found.

Aries children display a lively enthusiasm, which will cover a wide variety of interests. Patience does not come easily for these children. Parents serve them well by understanding this, allowing for safely challenging activities in which the Aries child can display their bravado. Activities that promote the development of courage, leadership and innovation bring many fulfillments to the Aries child. Possessing a strong temper, these children are prone to sudden outbursts of anger, but quickly forgive and forget. They must be gently taught the art of compromise as their own unique way of doing something figures prominently in their interactions with others. Aries children often pose as leaders of the neighborhood. They truly possess a spirit of enthusiasm, exploration and confidence.

As the Sun travels through the sign of Aries we have the opportunity to celebrate our aliveness as unique individuals. A sign strongly connected to will power, Aries represents the very life force. We are reminded that birth follows death. The cyclical process of life always returns to the creative principal. We are infused with the energy of new life. As nature gives birth, we birth ourselves. This is a time to celebrate our passionate connection and commitment to life, creating intentions for our lives which ultimately serve to manifest our heart’s desires.

Taurus the Bull enters our solar consciousness on April 20, 2018. Taurus is an earth sign exhibiting sensuality, ease, simplicity and silence. As the quintessential earth energy, Taurus represents the phase of spring in which nature exhibits the lush fullness and fruition of all she has created. Taurean people have a highly developed and sophisticated sensual awareness. Cuisine, music, art and nature figure prominently in their lives. Thus, their lives are often imbued with beauty. Attunement to and celebration of the senses contributes to their wellness. They are quite gifted in recognizing what is valuable in life, thus contributing their high sense of values to all they come in contact with. These values are not confined to the material realm, for Taurus has strong emotional, spiritual and moral values as well.

As an earth sign, Taurus also embodies conservative and practical characteristics. A certain amount of material security is quite important to them. The accumulation of money and goods comes easily. A sign of great determination, Taurus has tremendous patience and tenacity. This is a sign of stillness in which silent receptivity is as natural as the sun rise itself. It is this divine gift of receptivity, which allows them to experience the beautiful and dynamic aspects of life without the act of doing. Their extremely high capacity for sensual fulfillment fills their every moment. Taurus the Bull grazes upon the pasture of life.

Taurean children express themselves most eloquently as they communicate with the earth. Encourage an attunement to nature with such activities as indoor and outdoor gardening, working with clay and hiking in the woods. Experiencing life in its purely natural physical form enables these children to integrate knowledge. As they are exceptionally receptive to touch, they possess a tremendous need to be held and hugged. The Taurus child will be concerned with the accumulation of and attachment to things. Gentle guidance and instruction regarding the rewards of giving as well as receiving will assist them greatly. As change can be quite traumatic for a Taurus child, they are in much need of strong emotional support regarding the comings and goings of life. Teaching a child about letting go can assist them with life’s changes enabling them to live with more flexibility and openness. Embracing a supreme serenity, they are the peacemakers, serving as gentle and loving guides upon the earth.

As the Sun journeys through Taurus we are blessed with a higher attunement to earth consciousness. It is no accident that our celebrated national holiday, Earth Day, is on April 22nd, only two days into the sign of Taurus. This is the phase of springtime in which we receive nature’s bounteous beauty, a time in which to celebrate being. As the physical senses are heightened, we partake of pleasure. Within this interval lies our capacity to contemplate that which we value, beginning with ourselves, our world and those with whom we share our lives.

The sun enters the sign of Gemini the Twins on May 21, 2018. At this time a much more active level of consciousness is awakened. Within this final phase of the spring season nature is extremely active. There is incessant movement among the creatures as baby birds and mammals leave their nests and wander into a larger world. Bird song fills the air.

Gemini, a quick, sharp energy is an air sign. Those born under this influence demonstrate tremendous wit, humor, communication and restlessness. They possess an ethereal quality, which accompanies them all of their lives. The Gemini soul is the eternal youth. Lightness of being accompanies them as they travel between experiences in search of knowledge, information and fun. As a symbol of duality, the twins embody the ability to perceive the polarities of life and remain as one of the least judgmental of all the signs. Gemini beings understand each and every angle to a situation thus possessing the unique ability to understand and accept different perspectives. Teaching comes quite naturally to them as they have an eloquent command of language and communication.

As children, Geminians are extremely active, restless and mischievous. They develop quite rapidly displaying accelerated development of language and movement. They are experts in the art of mimicking, repeating everything that they hear. There is an extreme love of books and a fascination with language. Gemini kids bore quickly and easily, needing a great deal of variety and stimulation in their lives. As an air sign, Geminis possess strong intellectual sensibilities and a proclivity for abstractions. As communication is of utmost importance to these children, they thrive on conversation. Provide them with reading and writing activities as well as toys which allow for speedy movement. Above all, be watchful of boredom in the Gemini child, for this can create sadness and depression. As they love to expound upon their ideas, they need instruction in how to listen to others. And as their minds are so very active, they need to cultivate the ability to focus and concentrate. Gemini children remind us of the expansiveness of life, instructing us with humor, wit and love.

While the sun is in Gemini we are reminded to embrace lightness of being. There is a sense of freedom, which accompanies us. This is a prolific period to process thoughts and feelings, journal them and ultimately communicate honestly, openly and lovingly to the significant beings in your life.

Spring, season of rebirth, invigorates, inspires and invokes, illustrating that in the vast scheme of things we are the created and the creators.