Cancer New Moon


The mantram of the astrologer is: “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, AS UNIVERSE, SO THE SOUL.”  ~

~ Hermes Trismegistus ~

This is my prayer, my incantation; as I serve to translate the divine urging of this sacred juncture that is set before us. 

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse arrives at 10 degrees of Cancer on Tuesday, July 2 at at 2:16 PM EDT.

Solar Eclipses always occur on a New Moon. The Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, directly blocking the light of the Sun. Solar Eclipses invoke ego related needs. There is a sense of urgency for change. Our survival instincts are heightened. The changes that we need to initiate are essential to both our well being and evolution. While this journey that is beckoning to us is not mandatory curriculum, it would serve us well to engage our free will. Free will has a deep intelligence which cheers us on. When we cannot muster up the courage to take the leap toward transformation, we suffer. Our free will is advocating for us. We only need but listen.

The Sun represents courage, self, essence, identity, vitality and recognition. While the Sun is hidden from view, we  internalize its qualities. We cannot see the Sun but we can be the Sun. Wherever the Solar Eclipse touches upon in our natal chart, there will be irrevocable change. This change is essential to our wellness and vitality. It may feel like the ground beneath is faltering, however it is really the self that is altering. We are not stagnant beings; we are dynamic beings. We are unleashing that which holds us back from fully living from our center. As Cancer rules intrinsic emotion, we are longing for emotional alignment. We are communing fully and consciously with emotion that has in the past beset us. There is something lying dormant within us that is fighting for its life.

Cancer The Crab is a cardinal feminine water sign ruled by the Moon. The significant facets of this sign are emotion, tenderness, home, family, children, tradition, mothering, healing, connection and the nurturing of self and others. Cancer’s archetypes are The Mother, The Healer, and The Invisible One.

We have been mired in energies that almost defy explanation. The depth and breadth of emotion that we are experiencing at this time is a reflection of inattentiveness to our-selves. We are undergoing a super cleansing of karma. This karma is both personal and collective. The residue of unfinished business, emotional trauma, errors in judgement, and unfulfilled potential are on the brink of healing through a massive cleansing that perpetuates an escalated emotional level that may at times feel like too much to bear. We show up as responsible beings as we respond to a sacred calling to evolution.When we take deep stock of ourselves, we contribute to the introspection of the world at large. Now is the time to embrace the learning curve of a preparatory juncture, a preparation for the massive changes that are before us. We have the strength to take it on. We can do this.

In light of this temporary solar darkness, Cancer beckons us to commune with ourselves and each other in loving and nurturing ways. Cancer is the quintessential nurturer. When met with such challenges as we are undergoing now, the need for self-nurturing is imperative to navigating the territory that is set within us and before us.

Yes, the Sun is representative of ego. However a Solar Eclipse in Cancer calls for the juxtaposition of ego and emotion. As much of our emotion is driven by ego, we now have the opportunity to fully realize the tenacity of old emotional patterns as we release them to the Sun for revelation. The ego can then proceed more consciously, thus eliminating the negative knee jerk reactions it is so habitually prone to expressing.

Solar Eclipses often pertain not only to inner revelation, but outer events as well. These can at times come as a shock. As we strive toward a more conscious rendering of our lives, these events will portend changes that ultimately assist us, even if it feels like a reality that we have been catapulted into, one of which we have no desire to experience. Faith is a true friend in times like this. We cannot see the landscape before us, and yet, once the dust settles we have a clear view of our journey and the direction we must follow.

In these multi-dimensional transformative times, remember that the universe is always working on our behalf. Look to each other with compassion. Allow for the receptivity to both yourself and the other. We are all that we have. We belong to each other.

Know that all is happening for a reason. We may stumble in bafflement. “What is this reason?” you may ask. Give it to the Divine and all will be shown to you. Feel into it and all will be revealed.


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”  ~ Helen Keller ~

“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”     

~ Elizabeth Gilbert ~

“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.”  ~ Anne Frank ~