GEMINI FULL MOON: Sacred Conversations

The Full Moon arrives at 22 degrees of Gemini on Tuesday, December 13, at 7:05 PM EST.


This is yet another Supermoon! The moon will loom large as it is at it’s closest point to earth in it’s monthly orbit.  This is the third in a series of consecutive Supermoons.

Supermoons are powerful lunar phases in which feelings, beliefs, awareness and inner blockages reveal themselves to us strongly and prolifically. While this can be overwhelming,  facing that which rises to consciousness at this time, feeling that which has been lurking in the darkness, ultimately brings healing, freeing us from  our constraints. Full Moons provide us with an “AHA!” moment. Super Full Moons are like “AHA!” moments on steroids. This is a powerful time.

At this juncture, humanity is primed with luminous energy in the service of consciousness awakening.

Wherever Gemini resides in your natal chart is the area in which you will meet enlightenment, see the bigger picture, find a realm of completion.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, ruled by Mercury. Gemini The Twins embodies the qualities of free spirit, communication, listening, learning, humor, wittiness, intellect, lightness, spontaneity, flexibility, restlessness, fun and magic. Gemini archetypes are The Teacher, The Witness and The Storyteller.

Gemini  is now facilitating an inner dialogue between the higher self and the human self, for Gemini is the master of duality. It is the soul purpose of Gemini to navigate the complex and intricate territory of the psyche thus facilitating a loving exchange between our loving self and those facets of ourselves that fuel us with pain and conflict. Gemini is an ambassador to our inner world.

Seems like an arduous task for Gemini, however, amidst Gemini’s intricate inner workings we are also reminded of our need for lightness, fun, play  and clear heartfelt communication.

As Gemini is a master of words, all manner of expression looms large. Words are powerful. They can inspire love or create pain. Thus, we are reminded from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, of the first agreement; “BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD.” 

Two powerful cohorts are accompanying the Gemini Full Moon adding gravity and somberness to Gemini’s lightness. Saturn and Chiron are also prolifically upon us at this time.

Saturn, The Great Teacher, stirs within us where we are feeling our limitations, restrictions, delays and blockages. An extra dose of self love is required to work with Saturn, as there is a feeling of heaviness leading to what can be an excruciating beating up of the self. For Saturn is the great taskmaster urging us to fulfill our dharma by embracing our inner authority. Saturn beckons us to assess our personal boundaries. We are being shown where and with whom we need to set some limits. Confidence may be lacking at this time. Remember, our egos can be daunted by our soul’s greatest calling. Fear has been looming upon us. We must go to the places we fear to go, trusting our higher self to lead the way to a safe and fulfilling destination.

Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is also a guest on this Full Moon journey. We all incarnate with a soul wound, an inconsolable dimension of our psyche. Our wounds are a bit more open at this juncture, giving us an opportunity to meet them with self-compassion. More importantly, these wounds which cause us great suffering are the sacred areas in which we facilitate healing for others.  As Alice Miller, the great Swiss psychologist and author of The Drama Of The Gifted Child wrote; “THE GIFT IS IN THE WOUND.”  Whatever your life story may be, Chiron beseeches you to write a new one.

How can you create more mindfulness with what you say, how you say it and to whom? Is there something that you need to say to someone? Is there something that you need to say to yourself? Can you take the conversation to a higher level both outwardly and inwardly? Where can setting boundaries help you to move forward in an unconstrained manner? Are you including time for for fun in your life?  How can you lighten the load? Are you attached to your story? And if so, how is this narrative holding you back from loving yourself and embracing life in a more joyful fashion? In what areas can you embody more self-compassion? How can you extend this compassion to others?

Gemini is inspiring us to embrace all of who we are; the conscious adult and the inner child, lightness and darkness,  love and fear, confidence and trepidation. We all face duality within the self. Remember, Gemini is the master of duality, embodying a high love vibration which serves us magnificently with unifying our fragmented selves.

As long as our inner and outer channels of communication remain open with love and integrity, revelation and healing abound.

Gemini Full Moon Blessings Upon You.

Love and Light, Donna

“Learning is a result of listening, which in turn leads to even better listening and attentiveness to the other person. In other words, to learn from the child, we must have empathy, and empathy grows as we learn.” – Alice Miller –

“Behead yourself! Dissolve your whole body into Vision; become seeing, seeing seeing! -Rumi-












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